Statewide Defense Against Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child Charges

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In-Depth Knowledge in Continuous Sexual Abuse Defense

Continuous sexual abuse of a child in Texas encompasses a broad spectrum of sexual offenses, penalized with extreme severity under the law. These charges can result from any sexual conduct with a child under 17, including non-penetrative acts, with the law specifically harsh on abuse against children under 14 and disabled individuals. With these high stakes, securing a defense from attorneys familiar with the complex dynamics of these cases is crucial.

Led by Attorney Heather Barbieri, a Board-Certified Criminal Law Specialist with over 20 years of dedicated legal defense, our team offers unparalleled knowledge in Texas sex crime defense. Recognized for our compassionate yet aggressive defense strategies, we're dedicated to guiding you through every step of the legal process.

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Your Rights, Our Fight: Navigating Serious Allegations with Skilled and Empathetic Legal Defense

In Texas, being charged with continuous sexual abuse of a child is among the gravest allegations one can face, with penalties rivaling those for capital murder. Such charges can swiftly alter the course of your life, casting long shadows over your future and reputation. At Barbieri Law Firm, based in Dallas and serving clients across Texas, we understand the critical nature of these accusations and the importance of immediate, skilled legal defense.

Tailored Defense Strategies for Your Unique Case

Understanding that no two cases are alike, especially with charges as serious as continuous sexual abuse of a child, we approach each defense with a strategy customized to the specifics of your situation. Whether challenging the validity of accusations, the interpretation of evidence, or the application of the law, our objective is clear: to protect your future and strive for the best possible outcome.

Key Defense Aspects We Focus On:

Navigating Legal Complexity

Understanding the intricate details of laws surrounding continuous sexual abuse, including recent legislative expansions.

Punishment and Sentencing

Addressing the severe implications of conviction, from lengthy prison sentences to mandatory sex offender registration, advocating for justice and fairness at every turn.

Commitment to
Winning Your Case

Our track record speaks volumes, with numerous successful defenses for clients falsely accused of sex crimes. Attorney Heather Barbieri's recognition as a 10-time Super Lawyer and a perfect AVVO rating underscore our firm’s dedication as among the distinguished for sex crime defense in Texas. We offer:


From Dallas across Texas, we're here to defend your rights.

In-Person or Virtual Consultations

Offering flexibility to meet your needs, ensuring we can start building your defense strategy immediately.

Empathetic, Personalized Advocacy

Providing support and guidance beyond legal representation, recognizing the personal toll such charges can bring.

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