Dallas Fraud Lawyer

Fraud charges could occur as the result of untruthful conduct in handling personal affairs, using another’s identity, or with financial tools like credit cards. No matter which fraud offense you face, the prosecutor will take it very seriously and you need to as well. A proper defense could result in a more positive outcome in your situation.

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Plano Fraud Charge Definition

A fraud will occur when a person makes false statements or representations about themselves or some object. A person may even be charged for their reckless statements about whether something is true or false, even if they are not sure the statement is false.

Courts consider deceit, concealment, nondisclosure, or trickery as evidence of fraud that may impact your case. As a result of this broad definition, many individual offenses may qualify as fraud offenses within the state of Texas and in Plano. A knowledgeable attorney can explain the legal concept of fraud in all its forms.

Penalties For Fraud

The penalties for fraud will be based on the specific fraud offense a person faces. This will depend on the conduct they allegedly committed and the financial impact it had. It will also vary based on the level of the offense-as in, whether it was a felony or misdemeanor.

As one example, credit card fraud may be a felony that could carry between 180 days in jail up to two years. A person could also face a fine of up to $10,000. This is just one example, and the penalties can be even more severe. It is crucial that-no matter the level of offense a person faces-they work hard to defend their case. A motivated attorney in Plano can help construct a case to lower the penalties for fraud, using the specific facts present.

Reach Out To A Fraud Attorney In Plano For Help Protecting Your Rights

To prevent the worst possible outcomes in your case, you should seek the services of a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney. A customized defense in your case may challenge the prosecutor’s accusations and may help reduce the penalties you face.

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Types Of Fraud Offenses In Plano

These fraud offenses constitute the most commonly charged under Texas Statutes Chapter 32, the state’s fraud chapter. A well-versed lawyer understands the nuances of each of the typical fraud charges.

Bank Fraud

Bank fraud might include falsifying information on an application for a loan or mortgage. It may also include forgery of checks or the use of fake debit cards.

Welfare And Public Benefits Fraud

This occurs when a person scams the welfare system or some other public benefit. Either an application or actual taking from the public benefit may result in a serious criminal offense.

Deceptive Practices To Get Drugs From A Pharmacy

Lies or false prescriptions to get medications from a pharmacy may result in serious criminal charges


Embezzlement usually occurs within a business. It includes misappropriate or misusing funds that were entrusted by one person to another.

Tax Fraud

Tax fraud is harshly treated by the state and the federal government alike. This includes falsifying tax returns, tax evasion, or providing false information to reduce tax liability.

Real Estate Fraud

Real estate fraud occurs when a person provides false information to lenders to acquire real estate. It may also occur when false information is used to sell real estate.