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Plano Sex Offender Registration Lawyer

Even though sex crimes in Texas can be penalized with high fines and prison time, arguably the worst penalty is actually being ordered to register as a sex offender. Nearly every sex crime on the legal books, from child molestation to rape, can include mandatory sex offender registration in Plano upon conviction. If this happens to you, all facets of your private and public life will be jeopardized.

The best way to make certain your reputation is not destroyed by being labeled as a sex offender to the public is to avoid conviction in the first place. Talk to a sex crimes attorney about what to do to defend your good name and future. We offer consultations to inquiring parties, so do not hesitate to reach out to our team.

What You Need To Know About Sex Offender Registration

The Texas Sex Offender Registration Program was created to help the public become aware of potentially dangerous or deviant individuals in their area. The problem with the program is that it did not give any thought to how a public list could absolutely destroy the lives of those forced to register. This is all the more problematic when considering that people could be convicted of sex crimes based on false pretenses, exaggerations, or misunderstandings.

Some key components of sex offender registration in Texas are:

  • Duration: Sex offender registration may be mandatory for only a set duration, or it can be indefinite. If the duration of your sex offender registration is indefinite, you may be able to eventually petition to have yourself removed from the public list. Our local lawyers can help you in this regard as well.
  • Frequency: The sex offender registration list needs to be updated frequently. For most people, re-registration must be done only once a year, but some people might have to do it quarterly, such as those convicted of violent sex crimes.
  • Notifications: Many people on the Texas Sex Offender Registration Program list are “put on display” for their neighbors and community members to see. Whenever they move somewhere or begin employment, the Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS) may send a notification to all nearby members of the public about their presence or residence.
  • Penalties: Failing to comply with registration requirements, such as re-registrations, can be considered a serious crime in Texas. With this said, you can be charged and convicted of a subsequent criminal violation with its own sentencing penalties.

A Skilled Attorney Can Fight Your Sex Offender Registration Charges In Plano

To keep yourself off a sex offender registration in Plano that will ruin your good name and future opportunities, you will want to work with our attorneys of Barbieri Law Firm, P.C.

We are led by a board-certified specialist in criminal law: attorney Heather Barbieri. With her unmatched abilities and the experience of our entire team by your side, you can have more confidence that you will be treated fairly by the criminal justice system. If you are already on a sex offender registry, you can also talk to our law firm about how to be removed from the list, what you need to do to comply and how to react if you are being accused of non-compliance.

Get all the information you need by scheduling a consultation with our firm.