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When you have been accused of or charged with a serious criminal offense such as assault and battery, it is vital to defend your rights by contacting and retaining the services of a criminal defense lawyer. There are a number of circumstances that can lead to this type of violence, from bar fights and arguments to defending your property or yourself.

Although the words battery and assault are often confused or used together, it is important to know the difference. Assault refers to acts which use physical violence as a threat. Battery is actually harming someone physically.

Barbieri Law Firm, P.C., is here to help defend your rights and work toward alleviating the consequences of your case or getting the charges dismissed altogether.

Our entire team can use the resources we offer and the skills we have to fight for you. If you are convicted, your penalties may involve fines, probation, jail time and required counseling. This conviction will also appear on your permanent record.

We represent cases of assault and battery, such as:

  • Simple battery: first-degree misdemeanor for a first offense
  • Aggravated battery: serious bodily harm or committed using a deadly weapon

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There are many different options for defense that we will explore on your behalf. This may include constitutional violations, false accusations, mistaken identity, self-defense, being attacked in a public place or defense of your own property.

At our firm, we represent clients throughout Plano, Allen, Dallas and Collin County, and beyond with aggressive and professional legal counsel. We have handled a wide range of different assault and battery cases involving a variety of unique circumstances.

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