Didi Louzon

Executive Assistant


Didi serves as the Executive Assistant to Founding Attorney, Heather Barbieri and Chief of Operations, Julie Smith.  Didi’s support allows them to focus on what they do best; service clients, win cases, and save lives. No task is too big or too small, as it contributes towards making the lives of those around her more efficient and better overall. Developing systems, managing schedules, and ensuring that nothing goes unnoticed. She is proud to support the team at Barbieri Law Firm as they fight for the rights of all people.

Didi is a seasoned professional with a servant’s heart, passionate about helping others and adding value to her team.  She has over 6 years of executive and personal assistant experience with high-net-worth individuals, so she understands what is needed to fully support her principals.  “It’s about learning who you are serving inside and out which allows you to anticipate their needs and be proactive.  It keeps the people that I serve fully immersed in their world while I can help keep things running behind the scenes.”

Before joining Barbieri Law Firm Didi was a full-time Realtor, helping clients make tremendous financial decisions to help grow their wealth and create legacies.