Leah Jackson

Associate Attorney


Attorney Leah Jackson knows that every client has a story that deserves to be heard. She knows that people’s lives encompass much more than can be ascertained from an incident report, the sum of evidence, or a blurb in the newspaper. She works to advocate for those who struggle to find the right voice to speak effectively for themselves.

“I approach cases differently by listening to and reading the client’s side of the story first,” she explains. She then works to coordinate the story with the evidence. “When I can make it fit for me, then I know that I can make it fit for a jury, judge, and prosecutor.”

Her dedication to clients and tenacious approach to defense allow her to advocate successfully for clients in a wide range of circumstances. She wants clients to always feel safe when they share information and know they can trust her because openness and honesty are the keys to a solid defense. “My clients know that I listen,” she reports, “and they know that I will always try, no matter what. I’m not going to take the first offer and I’m not going to take a ‘no.’ I’m going to keep trying and trying until I can get the best result for them.”

Prior to joining the team at the Barbieri Law Firm, Leah served as an Assistant City Attorney for the City of Dallas. Working as a prosecutor honed her skills in criminal trials and provided critical insight into the practical side of the criminal justice system. But she quickly realized her passion was to defend those who were falsely accused and those who were not treated fairly by the system after making a mistake. After serving long enough to gain the critical knowledge and experience she needed, she moved to Barbieri Law Firm to focus on serving clients in their time of need.

Leah is a member of the State Bar of Texas and is active in the Dallas Bar Association, as well as the Dallas Young Lawyers Association and the J.L. Turner Legal Association. She has also been honored with entrance into the National Order of Barristers.

One reason Leah is so effective at using client’s stories in their defense is that she has studied psychology in depth, earning her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Texas State University. She continued on to study law at the Oklahoma City School of Law, earning numerous awards for advocacy and serving a judicial internship. She helped prepare numerous petitions for Post-Conviction Relief, succeeding in helping petitioners finally obtain fair resolutions in their cases.

An avid sports fan, Leah actively cheers for a somewhat unlikely array of teams, including the New Orleans Saints, the Texas Rangers, and the Golden State Warriors (shout out Klay Thompson!). She also has a passion for music and enjoys singing. Most of all, however, she loves cuddling up with Thunder, her loyal feline companion of the past 18 years.