Dallas Drug Lawyer

Drug possession is a crime that is increasing in occurrence. Every year, there are more and more individuals who are arrested and charged for drug crimes throughout the country, and in Texas, possession is a serious charge. The amount and type of drug will be determining factors in the sentencing should a conviction occur. However, if you have been charged with these offenses, a criminal attorney can help. A Plano drug lawyer could fight on your behalf to minimize or throw out the charges against you and represent your best interests.

Common Substances In Drug-Related Cases

Among a variety of other substances that attorneys in Plano see, many of the drug possession cases involve the following:

Regardless of the charges against you, our team could work to help you reach the favorable resolution you desire. We will gather the necessary evidence and secure witness testimonies that may prove your innocence. Our legal team knows how to build a facts-driven defense of the prosecution and will attempt to find holes that weaken their case.

Our Award-Winning Attorneys Are Ready To Help You

At our office in Plano, our attorneys have spent many years representing individuals who have been charged with various drug-related crimes, including possession.

We know that this type of charge can have a negative impact on nearly every aspect of your life. You can face a jail or prison sentence and large fines, and a mark on your criminal record will follow you for life, affecting your ability to gain employment, obtain a loan, find housing or continue your education. Your life and reputation are on the line.

Our clients are extremely important to us. We bring a compassionate and aggressive approach to representing your needs. Because we know that emergencies happen, and you can be arrested at any time, our defense lawyers are available so you can reach us at any time, day or night. This is our level of dedication to you and your needs.

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Drug charges carry severe penalties, and a conviction can remain on your permanent record. However, a Plano drug lawyer could help you fight these charges. We work as a team during each case to ensure that our clients benefit from the full range of resources and knowledge we have available. Call us today to learn how we can help you.