Domestic Assault

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Being accused of Domestic Assault or Family Violence in Texas is serious business. Not only are fines and jail time significant, but the stigma of a domestic violence conviction can also permanently damage your reputation, professional license, livelihood, educational opportunities, immigration status, and personal relationships. A domestic violence conviction cannot be sealed from your record and will follow you for the rest of your life.

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Defense Against Domestic Assault and Family Violence Charges in Plano, Dallas, & Beyond

Domestic Assault or Family Violence is a specific type of assault involving: 

  • Criminal threats
  • Unlawful confinement
  • Kidnapping when it occurs at home
  • Emotional abuse, due to threats
  • Physical acts, such as hitting, punching, kicking, or attacking with a weapon

Who is involved in the assault? 

  • A spouse
  • A member of a family by blood, marriage, or adoption
  • A member of a household who lives in the same place as the accused
  • A former or current dating partner

Texas law also includes: 

  • A person related by “affinity,” such as foster parents and foster children
  • A former spouse
  • A child of a spouse or former spouse
  • A person with whom the defendant had children

It is not uncommon for disagreements in our personal relationships to become heated. These arguments can lead to accusations of domestic violence. Complaints of domestic violence may also be made to gain leverage in a hostile divorce or child custody dispute. People charged with domestic violence offenses often fear that a judge or jury will rule in favor of the accuser, but there are strong defenses that can protect your rights and reputation.

Reliable Domestic Assault Attorneys Ready to Defend You Against Any Challenge

Due to high-profile domestic violence cases and increasing public pressure, prosecutors are aggressively pursuing these cases and will not dismiss them unless a defense attorney convinces them the case cannot be proven. The state of Texas also has a No-Drop policy, which means that the prosecution will not dismiss family violence charges just because the accuser does not want to go forward.

That is why you need a domestic violence attorney on your side. If you are faced with false charges of domestic assault or family violence, you need a perceptive criminal defense lawyer who understands the implications of a domestic violence conviction.

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