What is Prescription Drug Fraud?

Prescription drug abuse is one of America’s greatest public health scourges. Prescription drug abuse tears families apart, devastates communities, and ends up making medical costs more expensive for everybody. This is why it is vital to understand what prescription drug fraud is and how to prevent it.

Prescription drug fraud is all over the United States, but primarily in the American South. According to Blue Cross Blue Shield, prescription drug fraud happens when an individual acquires medications through means of deception.


There are multiple ways for an individual to engage in prescription drug fraud. Some people use forgeries in order to obtain medications from pharmacies. Others simply go “doctor shopping” until they find a doctor who is willing to prescribe them the drug that they want.

One major sign is if an individual has many prescriptions from many different doctors, particularly for tranquilizers, opioids, and painkillers. If an individual is traveling to a pharmacy far away from where he or she lives, this may also be a sign of prescription drug fraud.


Closely analyzing medical claims is the one real way to prevent prescription drug fraud. Many insurance companies monitor claims for signs of fraud. For instance, if an individual gets more than 10 prescriptions for controlled substances in a three-month period or is getting prescriptions from more than three doctors, most companies will launch an investigation.

Prescription drug fraud has high-cost both in human life and in driving up prices in the American Medical system. The situation requires constant vigilance from a number of overseeing bodies.

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