How is Medicaid Fraud Handled in Texas?

If you are facing Medicaid fraud charges as a health care provider, you probably have many concerns as a result of the case. You could worry about your reputation, ability to continue your career and the financial fallout of the allegations. It is vital to review your options closely and do what you can to protect your future.

In addition to reviewing relevant laws and going over the details of your case, it is helpful to understand how the state of Texas handles Medicaid fraud.

Looking At Medicaid Provider Fraud Cases

On their site, the Bureau of Justice Statistics goes over the ways in which different states handle Medicaid provider fraud. In Texas, the attorney general deals with provider fraud. On the attorney general’s website, there are separate sections for civil Medicaid fraud and criminal Medicaid fraud. The Office of Inspector General deals with Medicaid recipient fraud.

Dealing With Medicaid Provider Fraud Charges

As a health care provider, you have a lot at stake if these accusations surface. Sometimes, providers are falsely accused of Medicaid fraud, while others face particularly harsh outcomes because they fail to prepare for court or work through their case appropriately.

Try to maintain a positive attitude, even though these charges cause many providers to suffer from an emotional point of view. Make sure you set aside enough time to deal with these charges, even though this is hard for some providers due to a demanding schedule. The way in which you approach and work through Medicaid fraud charges could have a significant impact on your future.

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