What are the Effects of Healthcare Fraud?

Healthcare fraud occurs in many ways. Sometimes, it is the result of actions from medical professionals, or it may be due to actions by patients.

In any case, when it happens, it can create a lot of issues that have a domino effect on the industry. Pacific Prime explains fraud and corruption in healthcare not only costs money but also impacts the quality of healthcare everyone receives.

Strain On Resources

Often, healthcare fraud means patients receive unnecessary tests and take up the time of medical professionals. When this happens, it means you cannot get into the doctor or you have to wait longer for testing. Hospital rooms may go to someone who does not really need it, but then it means there is no room open for you. These things cause a strain on the system and can have a great impact on your overall care.

Insurance Increases

Health insurance goes up because the costs of healthcare go up when there is fraud in a system. Everyone will pay more for services.

Personal Impact

Another area of healthcare fraud of which you may not be aware is identity theft. Someone may use your identity to receive care, which can cause issues with your medical records and make it harder for you to get care when you need it. It could also mean incorrect information in your record that could lead to serious issues if your doctor basis treatments on what is in your record.


If medical professionals commit fraud, it may include running too many tests or diagnosing patients with things they do not have. This can lead to overtreating patients, which in turn, can cause serious health issues and even death.

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