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If you are under investigation or charged with a crime, the team of experienced Plano criminal attorney at Barbieri Law Firm can help. The most important step you can take is contacting a skilled criminal defense lawyer who will take the time to listen and provide you with legal guidance you can trust. They are experienced, aggressive lawyers who are ready and willing to take up the fight and protect your best interests.

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If you are facing a criminal charge, it is not an ordeal you want to go through alone. Ignoring your charge or attempting to handle your case alone will leave you vulnerable to investigators and prosecutors who will not act in your best interests.

The Texas criminal justice system can be a stressful and frightening experience. You need a criminal defense attorney with the experience, knowledge, and background to protect your rights. You need Barbieri Law Firm. This stellar legal team will start to work on time-sensitive issues critical to building the strongest defense for your case.


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The firm’s founder, Heather Barbieri, is a specialist in criminal law, certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. This makes her a certified criminal law expert—a title few lawyers in the state can claim. With over 20 years of criminal defense experience, our team of dedicated and trial-proven criminal defense attorneys is here to protect you personally and professionally.

Understanding The Texas Justice System and Local Plano Law

When the police ask someone to cooperate with an investigation and answer a few questions, most will agree. But you should never talk to the police without first consulting an attorney. Police officers are trained to obtain confessions, admissions, and inconsistencies. If you are innocent, they will use inconsistencies in your statements as evidence of guilt. A criminal investigation can quickly proceed from friendly questioning to being considered a suspect.

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Consultation with a Plano criminal attorney is not a sign of guilt. It is a wise step to take to protect your rights, ensure due process, and demonstrate your willingness to fight to protect your reputation, freedom, and future. The knowledgeable and compassionate criminal defense attorneys at Barbieri Law Firm will fight to protect your rights and avoid missteps that could lead to severe criminal charges and significant jail time. The superior legal team has been serving the needs of clients for over 20 years.


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“When individuals come to us seeking legal assistance, they are often in a vulnerable situation. We will never take advantage of the distressed state a client is in, but rather will stand by his or her side from start to finish, never giving up.”
-Heather Barbieri, Founding Attorney

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The legal team at Barbieri Law Firm understands this is a frightening experience. Selecting the right attorney to represent you is critical when your freedom and financial security are in jeopardy. One of our committed and compassionate criminal defense attorneys will dedicate their time to helping you fight the serious charges you are facing. Expert criminal defense lawyers serving Plano, Dallas, Frisco, McKinney, and all the Texas.

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