Indecent Exposure

Plano Indecent Exposure Attorney

Texas defines indecent exposure as the intentional exposure of one’s private parts and sexual organs to another person who would reasonably be offended or upset by the act. Contrary to popular belief, the crime does not require a public setting to be charged.

If you have been accused of indecent exposure, you could face high-level misdemeanor charges and steep penalties upon conviction, including six months in jail and thousands of dollars in fines and fees-especially if you do not consult a skilled sex crimes attorney.

Protect your rights and reputation with a Plano indecent exposure lawyer. Backed by nearly two decades of combined legal experience, we are the go-to team for high-stakes sex crime cases.

Possible Defenses To Indecent Exposure Charges

Every criminal case is unique due to the fine details surrounding every arrest. Our team of lawyers in Plano know as much regarding indecent exposure and act accordingly. You are not given cookie-cutter, prepackaged criminal defense representation; you are given the customized, caring legal advocacy you deserve.

We may be able to prove your innocence by using one or more of these possible defenses:

  • No intent: The exposure of your private parts was entirely unintentional.
  • No offense: The person who witnessed your exposure was not actually upset by the act. They might later try to file charges against you out of spite or based on false pretenses.
  • Mistaken identity: You were not the person who committed the act of indecent exposure. Witnesses often only catch fleeting glances of the suspect, which lends heavily to the possibility of mistaken identities.

The aforementioned defenses are only possibilities. One, all, or none of them might apply to your case. It is important to let a local lawyer work closely with you to determine the best possible path to a valid defense.

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