Plano Sex Crimes Lawyer

Plano Sex Crimes Lawyer

Aggressive Defense Against Sex Crime Charges in Plano, Dallas, Denton County, & Collin County

Barbieri Law Firm is an outstanding team of Texas attorneys in the Dallas, Frisco, Plano, and McKinney area fighting for people facing prosecution for sex crimes. The firm’s leader, Attorney Heather Barbieri, has decades of experience specializing in sex crime defense and is a zealous advocate for those wrongly accused of sexual crimes.

It is crucial that you retain a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to protect your reputation, rights, and freedom throughout the legal process. Penalties for a sex crime charge begin even before a conviction and often result in social stigma, distancing in personal relationships, suspension or loss of employment and wages, emotional turmoil, and disruption to your life.

You don’t have to fight your charges alone. Contact the Plano sex crime defense attorneys at Barbieri Law Firm. Call 972-424-1902 to request a free, confidential consultation.  

Why Call Barbieri Law Firm?

Sex crimes in Texas are a type of criminal offense committed using violence during a sexual act. Most are considered felonies. There is no consent to the sexual act, or it involves someone who is not legally capable of giving consent, such as a child or mentally disabled individual.

If convicted of a sex crime in the state of Texas, the penalties are severe with steep fines, lengthy prison sentences, registration as a Texas Sex Offender, and the lifelong impact of negative social stigmas. As a registered sex offender, the public has access to information about your conviction and where you currently live.

This status will change your life forever, making it difficult to gain employment, pursue educational goals, secure financial loans, or even find adequate housing. The time to fight your charges is now. Call Barbieri Law Firm for help.

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When charged with a sex crime in the state of Texas, the prosecution will pursue a conviction at any cost. You will be portrayed as a heinously to the court, jury, and community. Fierce legal representation is vital to protecting your rights.

You can trust the Barbieri Law Firm to handle your sex crime case with compassion and discretion. They defend your reputation, your rights, and your freedom. This skilled team of Plano sex crime lawyers handles a wide range of complex cases and welcomes a challenge, providing their clients with a compelling and aggressive defense using their own “secret sauce” of pretrial and trial strategies.

What You Get with Barbieri Law Firm:

  • Free consultation for a case evaluation
  • 24/7 availability
  • Board-certified criminal defense attorney with extensive experience in sex crime defense
  • Success results that speak for themselves
  • Services available in Spanish

A Word from Heather
We Will Never Give Up

“When individuals come to us seeking legal assistance, they are often in a vulnerable situation. We will never take advantage of the distressed state a client is in, but rather will stand by his or her side from start to finish, never giving up.”
-Heather Barbieri, Founding Attorney