Tonya Mendez

Client Relations Manager


As a professional tasked with managing clients’ experience with Barbieri Law Firm, Tonya Mendez relishes the opportunity to help people find the right legal help in a problematic situation. “I’ve seen all the injustices that people face on a day-to-day basis,” she explains. “I appreciate being in a position to help them find the attorney that suits their needs.”

Although she has worked in many different legal practices during her career, once she joined the defense team at Barbieri Law, she knew she’d found the place she belonged. She wants clients to feel comfortable sharing their stories with her so that she can steer them toward the best possible assistance. “I want clients to know that I’m here for them and I’m not judging them. I know they’re going through a stressful time,” she emphasizes.

Tonya developed her communication and customer relation skills in a variety of professional settings, giving her a well-rounded perspective that enables her to solve problems efficiently and creatively. Colleagues and clients alike benefit from her ability to inspire others to move forward and achieve their goals.

After earning her Associate of Arts Degree from Collin College, Tonya served as a litigation assistant and legal assistant for law firms in different fields of law. While she appreciated the opportunity to support attorneys in their work, she finds it more rewarding to work directly with clients. “I want them to know they have an ally on their side,” she notes, “and to understand that our firm genuinely wants to help.”

Fluent in Spanish, Tonya is also certified as a Texas notary public and is working toward furthering her education with the eventual intention of becoming an attorney. Tonya is one of seven siblings, and she enjoys spending time with her family—especially her fur family. Her toy poodle, Ronald, and husky pit, Major, love to accompany Tonya on adventures and curl up with her at home.