Injury to a Child, Elderly Individual, or Disabled Individual Under Texas Penal Code Ann. §22.04(a)(1) and (2), (e)

When it comes to safeguarding the most vulnerable groups of society – children, the elderly, and disabled individuals – Texas has stringent laws in place to protect them. The statutes outlined in Texas Penal Code Ann. §22.04(a)(1) and (2), (e) are designed to criminalize actions that intentionally or knowingly cause injury to these groups. As a defense attorney in Texas, our job at Barbieri Law Firm, P.C. is to stand by your side, making sure your rights are protected and your voice is heard.

The Specifics of Charges Under Texas Penal Code

Facing charges under the statutes of Texas Penal Code Ann. §22.04(a)(1) and (2), (e) means you are accused of committing a serious offense against a child, an elderly individual, or a disabled individual intentionally or knowingly. Understanding what this means can be vital in preparing your defense. It is not just about physical injury; it can also encompass mental injury, abandoning a child, or putting a child in a situation where they are exposed to risk. When it comes to the elderly or disabled individuals, it involves injuring them physically, mentally, or sexually. The lines can often seem blurred, and the accusations can sometimes stem from misunderstandings or false allegations. Our legal team is here to analyze every detail, leaving no stone unturned in building a strong defense for you.

Potential Repercussions and Sentencing in Texas

Texas is relentless in enforcing Penal Code Ann. §22.04(a)(1) and (2), (e), as it stands to protect the most vulnerable demographics in our society – children, the elderly, and disabled individuals. Individuals accused under this statute may face repercussions ranging from a first-degree felony to a third-degree felony, each carrying substantial penalties that can include lengthy prison terms, hefty fines, and a permanent criminal record.

Being embroiled in such a case can cast a long shadow over both your personal and professional life, affecting relationships and career opportunities alike. Yet, it is vital to remember that an accusation is not a conviction. The stakes are incredibly high, but with an aggressive and unwavering defense strategy, there is hope. We commit ourselves to tirelessly work towards securing your life and future, understanding that your freedom is the utmost priority.

Building a Resilient Defense in Texas

Here’s a glimpse into the meticulous process of building a resilient defense with Barbieri Law Firm, P.C.:

  1. Analyzing the Evidence: First and foremost, we delve deep into the evidence presented against you. This involves a rigorous examination of every detail, identifying potential inconsistencies or errors that can work in your favor. It is not just about the evidence that is presented, but also about unearthing evidence that has been overlooked or not considered.
  2. Challenging the Credibility of the Accuser: An essential step in your defense is scrutinizing the credibility of the accuser. It might involve investigating their background, identifying motives for false accusations, and scrutinizing their testimony for inconsistencies. We leave no stone unturned to ensure that the truth comes to the fore.
  3. Identifying Potential Witnesses: Witness testimonies can be a powerful tool in building your defense. We undertake a detailed process to find and interview potential witnesses who can provide statements that substantiate your defense, painting a full and fair picture of the circumstances surrounding the accusations.
  4. Expert Legal Strategy: Leveraging our profound understanding of the Texas penal code, we craft strategies that address the unique nuances of your case. We work aggressively on all time-sensitive matters, ensuring every possible legal avenue is explored in building a defense that stands tall in court.

Contact an Experienced Texas Criminal Law Attorney

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