Continuous Trafficking of Persons in Texas Penal Code Ann. §20A.03(a)-(e)

Under Texas Penal Code Ann. §20A.03(a)-(e), Continuous Trafficking of Persons zeroes in on those taking advantage of vulnerable individuals. Whether it’s through coercion, deception, or outright force, the victims are often manipulated into forced labor or entrapped in sexual servitude. To be charged under this statute, one must have engaged in trafficking-related conduct on two or more occasions over a span of 30 days or more. This provision recognizes the persistent and cyclical nature of human trafficking and seeks to hold continuous traffickers accountable. 

Penalties and Ramifications in Texas

Texas commitment to halting the atrocity of human trafficking is evident in its strict punitive measures. The crime of Continuous Trafficking of Persons, based on its serious nature, is classified as a first-degree felony in the Lone Star State. For those entangled in such accusations, understanding the gravity and specifics of these penalties is essential. Here are the potential consequences:

  1. Duration of Imprisonment: If convicted, an individual faces a significant duration behind bars, ranging from 25 years to a life sentence. This is indicative of how seriously Texas views and addresses the crime.
  2. No Parole: Adding to the severity, Texas has stipulated that there’s no possibility of parole for those convicted of Continuous Trafficking of Persons. This means that the convicted person will serve the entirety of their sentence without an early release.
  3. Fines: While the emotional and reputational costs are high, financial penalties can also be hefty. Convictions can come with large fines, sometimes extending into tens of thousands of dollars, aiming to further deter potential violators.
  4. Loss of Rights: Beyond imprisonment and fines, those found guilty may lose certain civil rights, such as the right to vote or possess firearms. This can have long-term ramifications on an individual’s life even after serving their sentence.
  5. Permanent Criminal Record: A conviction for such a grave crime leads to a permanent mark on one’s criminal record, which can impact future employment opportunities, housing applications, and more.

In essence, facing accusations of Continuous Trafficking of Persons in Texas means confronting some of the harshest penalties within the state’s legal system. The stakes are incredibly high, underscoring the need for a thorough and aggressive defense strategy.

Building a Robust Defense Strategy With Barbieri Law Firm, P.C.

It’s crucial to remember, especially in the throes of a challenging legal battle, that being accused doesn’t necessarily equate to being guilty. Every individual, no matter the charge, is entitled to a comprehensive defense. But when facing allegations as serious as those stemming from Texas Penal Code Ann. §20A.03(a)-(e), the nature and depth of your defense take on heightened significance. Here are some of the key components of a strong defense:

  1. Thorough Evidence Review: It’s more than just collecting evidence; it’s about meticulously reviewing every detail to identify inconsistencies or potential misinterpretations. Every piece of evidence can potentially tilt the balance in your favor.
  2. Establishing a Solid Alibi: If you can prove you were elsewhere during the alleged act, it can negate the charges. Having concrete evidence of your whereabouts, supported by credible witnesses, can be a formidable part of your defense.
  3. Challenging Witness Credibility: Sometimes, the accusations hinge on testimonies that might not be wholly reliable. Identifying inconsistencies in witness statements or questioning their motives can cast doubt on the prosecution’s case.
  4. Legal Expertise on Specific Statutes: The intricacies of Texas Penal Code Ann. §20A.03(a)-(e) require specialized knowledge. It’s not just about understanding the law but also about knowing its nuances, interpretations, and precedents.
  5. Continuous Communication: An open channel between you and your defense team ensures that every potential avenue is explored and every concern addressed. After all, understanding your personal narrative and context can offer unique defenses that might otherwise be overlooked.

At Barbieri Law Firm, P.C., our philosophy is clear: no challenge is too great. Every client deserves an unwavering dedication to their defense. We firmly believe that with a tailor-made defense strategy, deep knowledge of Texas laws, and an absolute commitment to our clients, we are well-positioned to advocate effectively for the best possible outcomes. 

Navigating Continuous Trafficking Accusations in Texas

The weight of a charge under Texas Penal Code Ann. §20A.03(a)-(e) can be overwhelming. But remember, there is hope. It’s a journey that no one should walk alone. A dedicated and experienced team of advocates can be the difference between a life behind bars and a chance at freedom. Have you been arrested under accusations of Continuous Trafficking of Persons? Call Barbieri Law Firm today at (972) 703-4826 or contact us online to schedule a consultation with our Texas criminal defense team. We never stop trying to save your life, and all that matters to us is your freedom.