White Collar Crime and Your Career

Dealing with the aftermath of your involvement in a white-collar crime will take time and tenacity. One of the biggest challenges you will face is dealing with the damage to your reputation.

Working to rebuild others’ trust in you and establish professional credibility will require a commitment to change. Your efforts to reestablish your reputation will help you prepare to reenter the workforce with confidence.

Acknowledging Your Wrongdoing

The first step on the road to recovery is to acknowledge your wrongdoing. Be honest with yourself and others. Analyze how your actions resulted in consequences. Identify the root cause that led to your unprofessional conduct. If your actions impacted the lives of others close to you, extend a heartfelt apology and commit to being better.

When you find out the consequences of your behavior, see that you make restitution as soon as possible. Demonstrating your desire to right your wrongs will help people to see your genuine desire to fix what happened.

Developing A Strategy

According to Entrepreneur, look at the big picture. Recognize that your actions were only a small part of your professional career. Develop a strategy for fixing your reputation and proving to those around you that your efforts are sincere. Take everything you can control and do your best to develop characteristics like integrity, reliability, honesty, sincerity and transparency.

Redeveloping your personal brand will prove far more effective than any PR stunt. You will undoubtedly encounter people who refuse to acknowledge the changes you have made, but their opinions of you do not have to dictate your personal accomplishments or your professional success. For more information about dealing with a criminal conviction, please visit our webpage.